Hāpu‘u Floral, Koki‘o Floral,
Naupaka Kuahiwi Floral, Opelu Floral Sound Icon

Each floral: 61” x 41”
Flashe and latex paint on paper and gallery wall
Site-specific installation at Glyndor Gallery, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY
Plants introduced to Hawai‘i for commercial and ornamental purposes have become so widespread that even local residents consider them to be island natives. Each of the four painted florals features these transplants and highlights one of the island’s most invasive. Hidden within the negative spaces are ghost-like images of threatened endemics and their native bird pollinators.
Hāpu‘u Floral, Koki‘o Floral,<br>Naupaka Kuahiwi Floral, Opelu Floral