(Smilax rotundifolia)

Each set of 6 panels: 47” x 186 1/2”
Glass mosaics for the St. Lawrence Avenue Subway Station, Bronx, NY
MTA Arts for Transit commission
These glass mosaics intertwine two definitions of the word “community.” Community speaks of both people living in a specific geographic area, as well as plants that grow together sharing the same ecosystem. The mosaics highlight four plants endemic to the Bronx area: Acer rubrum (red maple), Carya cordiformis (bitternut hickory), Rosa palustris (swamp rose), and Smilax rotundifolia (common greenbrier). Woven into the background are the people who form today’s Bronx community. They live and work in the area and are the people we see and travel with each day.
Photo: Peter Peirce